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Go Supps' Workout with Odoo

Go Healthy, Go Supps!

Although relatively new, the supplement market has grown tremendously in the past 5 years. "Supplements" or "Supps" are dietary supplements that are commonly used to provide extra nutrients the body might need. Success on the market has led companies to specialize in producing supplements that were effective in performing or enhancing a single or more function of the body. is an online retailer for supplements & has recently expanded into cosmetics & body care. Now titans of the industry, GoSupps pride themselves in providing:

  • "Satisfaction, not less than 100%"

  • "Grand Products Selection"

  • "Great Prices"

"Being fitness enthusiasts; we know that these Sport, Health and Beauty products are a cool part of a delightful lifestyle and by that, we do know how customers think and what they want" their success just pays tribute to their motto.

Mr. Osama Majali; the mastermind behind the curtain started the operations with Magento. Magento is a popular choice as an e-Commerce platform & had little competition at the time. As Magento matured with GoSupps they started looking for a reliable ERP system.

Considering used Magento which is open source with a lot of partners. Using a system like this was a pleasant and smooth experience, they never had trouble finding a partner or a developer to help them with their specificity. The feeling of safety they obtained from working with such a system was priceless so they tried to look for something with the same benefits for their ERP system. A system that would complement their incredible experience so far and would continue to grow with them as their business is propelled to the top of the market.

While looking for such a solution in late 2016, they found Odoo would be their best fit.

They began implementation with the assistance of a partner that they would soon outgrow. Odoo's wide range of partners would however have someone more suited. They began working with a larger partner as their business expanded and their needs increased. The partner, however, did not inspire the 'partnership' qualities they looked for. This is when GoSupps realized that the partner you work with is just as important as the software you have.

That was when they found us, Smart Way Business Solutions in 2017! Where our free consultation services were the first thing that attracted them to us, our experience and quality are what truly made us stand out among the crowd. 

Needless to say that after a good open discussion, GoSupps decided that Smart Way was the frosting they needed to develop even more with Odoo. We were what they needed to support their project and even customize more features for it to grow bigger and bigger. 

It was one unique workout for both of us but with cooperation and hard work with Odoo's limitless capabilities, it all worked smoothly with them hoping to expand on a more international level and provide what's best in the market for people around the world.

Go Healthy with Go Supps!

Check out their cool products and order whatever you need. 

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Go Supps' Workout with Odoo
Safaa Shalhoub 10 September, 2019
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