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INGOT Brokers, an Orchestra of Financial Dominance

A Perfectly Rich Instrument to Play Your Monetary Notes

INGOT Brokers is a multi-asset online brokerage firm that offers premium trading opportunities across a variety of financial instruments, including commodities, stocks, indices, ETFs, and currencies & it aims to make markets accessible to investors worldwide.

INGOT Broker’s entities are based globally in several countries and offer traders an award-winning platform, excellent trading conditions, excellent liquidity, and access to financial markets.

INGOT Brokers is licensed to operate its business through existing and registered offices in the following countries: Australia, Jordan, Seychelles, Kenya, and South Africa. And there are also the Sales & Representative Offices in Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Qatar, and Erbil. 

INGOT Brokers offers tailored trading solutions for their diverse set of clients, from the beginner to the expert.

INGOT Brokers decided it’s time to work on empowering their finance department. They embarked on the road of enhancing their day-to-day operations to save effort & time and elevate work efficiency through the concept of unifying all of their distributed legacy systems; improving their reporting & analysis which will help with gaining in-depth insight into the company's market conditions.  

INGOT Brokers began implementing a new integrated system with the assistance of a partner that they would soon outgrow as they have yet to inspire the partnership qualities INGOT Brokers was looking for. This is when they realized that the partner you work with is just as important as the software you have.

After a decision, it's time for a change. They were looking for a partner who could best administer all aspects of the implementation, so they found Smart Way Business Solutions and turned to us. An IT company specializing in Odoo ERP implementation, customization, and support.



Their scope involved the module of Accounting implemented in phases. They chose the basic accounting and consolidation to lead off in phase one and to expand on it in phase two with analytic accounting and budgeting. 

And as for phase three, the scope moved on to localization implementation and connecting the group's consolidation.

Now they are working on expanding the scope to cover other departments in phase 4, including; Procurement and Approvals apps. INGOT Brokers trusted Smart Way to give them a smooth implementation of Odoo ERP with vital customization.

The implementation began towards the end of 2021 working on a short timeline. The first phase of implementation began with requirements gathering which took around 2 weeks. Configuration was then followed with a duration of one week and then another two weeks for software user training. The most time-consuming part of the project was the implementation itself which span to around one month with additional tweaks to the system occurring afterward.

During the training sessions, INGOT Brokers' employees were adaptive to new ideas and impressed by the simplicity of use and the enormous functionalities that Odoo has as well as the ability to extract reports on demand.

Since Odoo is an open-source platform, they are even more determined to grow globally. Their analysis is now much more accurate than before, helping to monitor the performance of all companies from a financial perspective; extracting consolidated financial information for all companies with a click of a button. With Smart Way Business Solutions, INGOT Brokers can work towards realizing their dreams, have full control over all internal operations, and support them on their journey towards market dominance step by step.

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INGOT Brokers, an Orchestra of Financial Dominance
Hanin AL Shalabi 18 February, 2023
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