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Safety First Is Safety Always!

JETEE, a splendid ISO 9001  certified company established in 1981 with the aim of becoming the pioneers of life safety & high technology security systems installation under the supervision and leadership of Eng. Kamal Abbassi  & his son Eng. Mohammad Abbassi. A focal point JETEE focused on during their long journey was the introduction and installation of high-tech security and fire systems, but after a while, their mindset expanded into something much beyond the horizon & limits of one country or just the action of installing security systems.

JETEE wanted to dominate the frontier of security systems not just by installing them but rather to start manufacturing some of them from scratch and lead the industry on an international level.

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JETEE trades with products that are considered the first to be introduced in the Jordanian & Middle Eastern Market such as Fire Suppression Systems, Foam Systems in addition to highly reliable and various other internationally used products such as Valves, Fire Pumps, Sprinkles and Alarms...etc

With their growing success, JETEE's mindset of continuous expansion needed to evolve any tediousness in their internal dealings to march towards their goal of becoming the cornerstone of the 'Life Safety & Security industry. And so the search began for:

  1. A modular ERP system that can be tailored to their custom needs.

  2. A system that can Fully integrate all their departments and operations together.

  3. A system that allows easy access to comprehensive reports & KPIs.

Unfortunately, JETEE's search spree had them migrating from and using many systems all at once without being linked or integrated in any way. They even had their own in-house developed systems but they still needed a fully integrable ERP system to rule all their operations and help them finetune their own management decisions. Their quest went on and on until they found Odoo ERP. They studied its features amongst other ERP systems to find it the one that caters to all their needs with its seamlessly integrated modular platform and its wonderful UX & UI. 

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They searched for a partner that could serve them best in the implementation and that's how they found and reached out to Smart Way Business Solutions. An IT company dedicated to the implementation, customization, and support of Odoo ERP. 

JETEE was excited to have found a system that could be tailored to fit their requirements perfectly. So, they started with Smart Way, 3 years ago, the implementation of Odoo ERP v8 with the modules that could benefit them best, from Odoo's Accounting, and Fleet Management to Smart Way's custom-made apps of Maintenance Contracts Management and Documents Management. They even use Odoo to manage their onsite project operations using tablets and also trust Smart Way with the hosting & security of the system on the cloud. 

JETEE aims to build further on the impressive years of experience of its owner and always stay the first and only choice for customers in need of fire protection and detection solutions and with Odoo & Smart Way, they are definitely moving closer step by step towards ruling the industry. One of those many monumental steps in their long successful journey is their immeasurable enthusiasm to move on to Odoo v12, the latest state-of-the-art ERP system, in the purpose of elevating themselves to a whole new global level.

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It's Always Better to Be Safe Than Sorry!

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JETEE's Gear on Spree
Safaa Shalhoub February 26, 2019
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