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Odoo's Unparalleled Sales

It's Not Just About Selling, It's About How to Do It!

 Sales is an outcome and not just a goal. It's a function of doing numerous things right where the end of the process is mutual satisfaction between parties. Odoo always aspires to create an environment of continuous and positive production of thought and efforts where all processes integrated within gather to realize one outcome, success!

And what's success without the hard work that comes before it, right? For any profit to be gained, steps are to be taken, and one of those early steps is managing your sales efficiently without the hassle of paperwork and physical presence at all times. 

If you are still reading this, then you must know that Odoo is a leading open source ERP system with an amazing suite of applications seamlessly integrated dynamically on one web-based platform. 

Buckle up, for we are going to delve into some of the main formidable features of one of Odoo's star modules, the 'Sales' management module, and its flow:

  • Sales Escalated Efficiency: 

    • Reduction of data entry on the course of a paperless environment with a modern UI where you can see and use all the needed information via desktop or even Odoo's mobile app.

  • Professional Quotes:

    • Building up and sending quotations has never been easier.  

      • You can create new quotation templates and set up validity days, triggering optional & suggested products, configuring confirmation methods & payments and the consequential outcomes of SOs confirmation.

      • You can set up a default quotation template on the settings. 

  • Sale Orders & Invoicing: 

    • The user can convert quotations into sale orders in one click or, let your customers do it themselves with online quotes and Odoo e-Sign. 

    • Invoice on ordered or delivered quantities. Manage payment terms by the customer or by the invoice

  • Alerts & Communication:

    • The user can set alerts to quotations based on relevant activities. 

    • Email communications are all displayed on the associated customer order, allowing the user to trace back on discussions and negotiate more effectively.

    • The user can of course create and set different email templates to use.

  • Products & Pricing:

    • You can create products and variants with multiple attributes (ie: size, color...etc).

    • You can manage different pricelists' rules to compute the correct prices based on customer conditions. 

Sales & Odoo Modules Integrations


expand your functionality with features such as customizable sales pipelines, automated lead creation, etc.


Create a fully integrated online store and sell your products more efficiently.


Generate invoices automatically based on sales orders, delivery orders, and contracts. Easily reference all information needed on any customer statement.


Check product availability information directly from the quotation. Trigger delivery orders automatically and check delivery status' from the sales order.

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Odoo's Unparalleled Sales
Safaa Shalhoub 27 February, 2020
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