Plan for the Boom

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." Alexander Graham Bell

Most businesses always plan for the 'worst-case scenario'. "Hope for the best, plan for the worst", this philosophy ensures that 'the show goes on' but surprisingly leaves a business vulnerable. 

As modern businesses, we have become quite formidable; making sure that we get back up when we fall down. Determination and planning have made us remarkable at doing the most with the least. An age where low funding and maximum output is the baseline

Making sure we bounce back when everything goes awry has made us vulnerable to being surprised if everything goes well. We're too busy planning for the worst that we forgot to plan for the best.

"Accelerated growth can be just as dangerous as no growth at all" - As your demand increases how do you increase your supply without spreading yourselves too thin? How do you take a streak of luck and turn it into long-lasting success? 

Below are a few of the issues related to unexpected booming and how Odoo is the perfect management tool.

The Major Pitfalls of Unexpected Growth

Losing Track of Finances

As your business grows, your command of the financial numbers decreases. Book-keeping becomes more challenging and accounting becomes a lot more messy. 
  1. How does Odoo Help? 
  2.  Odoo allows you to keep track of all financial transactions. Accurate snapshot financial reports.
     Seamless integration of Accounting & Operations.
     Payment gateway & bank integrations. 
     Automated multilevel followups on due                  payments.

Technical Scalability


Starting out, a business' technical needs are very minor. You probably haven't invested in getting a fully fledged ERP system because you were still small.

  • How does Odoo Help?
  • • Install and uninstall modules per your need.
    • OpenSourced; giving you absolute freedom. 
    • Unparalleled scalability. As you grow, Odoo naturally grow. 
     Easy on the pocket. 
     Wide-range of partners that can support your needs.

Ineffective Operations

As a business expands and grows business operations change. Certain procedures that took place as a business was still small will prove to be catastrophic with growth.
  • How does Odoo help?
  • • Custom business intelligence reports that help in giving accurate readings of weak spots.
    • High accessibility and practicality. A platform that serves a purpose for all users of a business.
    • Slew of business communication tools. IM's, live chat, and email that organize business operations.

"Failure is success in progress" - Einstein 

Plan for Success! Schedule your Odoo demo now! 

Plan for the Boom
Adnan Bayoun February 28, 2019
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