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Sales Turnover Fluctuations

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Business analysis is a crucial part of the growth of any business. It is the process through which information is analyzed in order to take decisive and effective actions to add value to a business. 

The information is generally divided into two types; business intelligence (BI) and business analysis (BA). 

Business intelligence is the analysis of actionable and current data, providing crucial insight into business operations. Business analysis -depending on who you ask- is a child of BI, which is the methodology of analyzing historical data in order to establish patterns and project predictive analysis. 

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Above is a sample of the Sales Turnover Fluctuation report, which analyzes the fluctuation of customer sales over a certain period of time. 

This report: 

  • Creates a summary of historical data.

  • Identifies the period and culprit of the business issue.

  • Creates the atmosphere to derive predictive analysis based on the repetition of increase & decrease of sales for a customer in a certain time period.

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The report offers multiple filtration criteria to better control the generated results.

  • Discrepancy %: The acceptable discrepancy percentage and acts as a benchmark. Discrepancy % of lower than the input amount will not be included in the generated report.

  • Monthly Turnover Limit: This is the total invoiced amount benchmark. If the customer has a total invoiced amount of less than this input amount, the customer will not be included in the generated report.

  • Calculation Type: Choose whether your report will contain totals before or after tax.

  • Show Draft: Check this box if you would like to include draft invoices in the generated report. Leaving this unchecked will only include invoices that are Paid or Open.

  • Customers: You can choose certain customers whom you would like to study their purchase patterns or select everyone by keeping it empty.

Sales Turnover Fluctuation module has a combination of both BI & BA reporting aspects. While its real-time feedback can give crucial actionable information, it can also be used to predict seasonal patterns of sudden drops or increases in sales. The report also allows you to monitor your customers' net purchase amounts per month to spot irregular drops and prevent losing your recurring customers.

Also, we should mention that this report is designed for businesses with recurring customers only.

There are some questions that could come up when you are thinking of Prediction Analysis & Decision Making, such as, what would happen this month? How much of Product X will sell? How much will client Y buy over the next 2 months? 

All these questions are answered using the informative sales turnover fluctuation report. You can forecast sales based on previous periods and past months.

At the end of the day, all the information in the world is useless without the tools to extract it and act on it and Sales Turnover Fluctuation is one of these tools which has multiple applications and uses so you might as well benefit from it to the max and not forget to also use the endless Odoo BI & BA reports that assist companies in taking correct, informative actions and making business easy. 

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Sales Turnover Fluctuations
Safaa Shalhoub 4 June, 2019
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